Saturday, 19 May 2018

Are we really free?

Do we have free-will?

Let’s start with the simplest definition; Free-will is the ability of a person to choose between different possible courses of actions without any hindrances. It is assumed that our free will is so gratis that even God doesn’t have an influence on it.

As simple as it may seem, the concept of free-will have long been debated over the centuries by minds like Socrates and Plato. Free-will is what makes our lives meaningful on earth. Without it we would just be actors on the stage living a scripted life and directed by God. The whole purpose of living is defeated when free-will is withdrawn from us.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Mystifying Concepts: Fate and Destiny

Fate and Destiny

First of all, what is the difference between fate and destiny?
In modern usage, both the words are being used interchangeably to mean what is in store in the future. However, in actual sense both the words have different meanings and cannot actually replace the other without altering the context.  Fate and destiny are among the most perplexing concepts confusing our minds due to their almost synonymic nature.

Fate as per standard definition is the assumed predefined course of one’s life which cannot be altered; while destiny is what one is supposed to do or achieve in life and can be changed through one’s actions. In general cases both the words are used to symbolize the belief of a predefined future. There is a popular belief that the future is already planned by God or a divine entity. Some religions and philosophers even preach the concept with strong conviction.

Friday, 11 May 2018

What makes me think God exist?

Existence of God                                                   

The greatest universal subject of debate among the most learned and enlightened mind in the world is probably the “Existence of God”. Scientific and religious are the two types of minds considered the most enlightened, because one brings about changes, progress and prosperity in the world through experimentation and their inferences; while the other brings joy, peace and hope through faith. Although, both have some dependencies on the other to sustain their theories; there seems to be an unspoken war of philosophy going on between them.

According to science, the universe emerged millions of years ago during a massive explosion known as the “Big Bang”. However, even science fails to contemplate on what was there before the universe or the empty space. The Big Bang theory implies that even space or time didn’t exist before the Big Bang.  Some 13 Billion years ago out of nothing a point/singularity explosion occurred releasing an enormous amount of heat energy triggering a staggering expansion forming space and time, and ultimately the universe as we know it.